There's no real love in you
wir schreien zusammen allein
I'm Gee and I kind of like this band called Tokio Hotel.
I also draw them and write about them, links are below.
this is my other blog
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Hey guys so i don’t think i’ll be on this account anymore rly so if you’re interested in what i’m doin now then you can find me on my main account or more actively on my kpop blog. Byee

Happy birthday Bill and Tom!

I know this is rly super late but lmao happy birthday u big idiots

prayer circle for 2009 bill

new sideblog


Hey guys so I made a sideblog for K-pop and One Direction bc I’m too punk rock to post them on this blog and we all knew it was gonna happen anyway

so yeah if you wanna follow me that would be cool
this has been a PSA thank u and goodbye x


i haven’t been able to make text posts for so long oh my god i’m free i lovE YOU ALL <3

Dann sind wir endlich frei…

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